I gladly accept orders for original art: figuratives, murals, painted furniture, and still-lifes. Portraits are an area of special interest for me; I welcome the opportunity to create a likeness of your loved ones. While I prefer to work from life, I am able to work from photographs. Contact me via email to discuss specifically what you would like me to create for you. When we have established the parameters, I can provide a price and schedule. A non-refundable 50% is due upon order and the balance is due upon completion.
Artwork not marked as 'sold' or not-for-sale (NFS) is available for purchase. Please contact me for price and delivery options. If you wish to acquire a painting that is unavailable, I can recreate the original painting. (Blade Runner Woman 2 is an example of a recreation of an original.)
In order to make owning original art more accessible, I offer monthly payment plans to work within your budget. I accept credit, debit, check, cash (if local), and PayPal.
I offer free delivery and installation in the Seattle area. All paintings come with a wire for hanging and have painted edges. Because they are fine art originals, they are unframed, unless otherwise noted.
All images copyright ©1980-2014 by Ann Elizabeth Scott.